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Social Recruitment

1/Product Manager (Shanghai)

Recruitment number: 2 people

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist product director to develop long-term strategies for specific product categories and monitor implementation;

2. Large-scale project research and screening, investment advice to the Director;

job requirements:

1.30 years of age or older, male or female;

2.5 years working experience in large organizations;

3. Proficient in corporate financial analysis, business analysis, sensitive to financial data and have a unique judgments;

4. A CFA, CPA or solicitor is preferred.

2/Industry Research Assistant (Shanghai))

Recruitment: unlimited

Job Responsibilities:

1. To carry out in-depth study of the industry responsible for the development of the establishment of industry analysis model;

2. To collect economic data and information of important industries at home and abroad, to build industry database;

3. Timely grasp the investment opportunities in related industries, investment advice to the investment manager;

job requirements:

At least 3 years relevant working experience, Bachelor degree or above, good financial analysis ability;

2. Good communication, you can often travel;


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