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"Fabric heat" can let "Luo" usher in rebirth?

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Coincides with the conversion of summer time, both in ancient times or modern, women in the season when the total thought for their own acquisition of a few new clothes. With the improvement of living standards, some people choose the clothes from the pick style, pick up the brand quietly picked up the fabric, pick clothing tailors and other more "critical" aspects, as "silk" one of the Luo, Because of its light texture, wearing comfortable again return to the common people in the field of vision. Yesterday, the reporter learned from a fabric manufacturer in Suzhou, has been in the Western Han Dynasty women in the prevalence of one of the costumes - Leopard first pattern, not long ago has been successfully restored.

Two thousand years later, the first show of Suzhou Leopard Leopard

In the "maid" Li Xiao Su's office, the reporter saw this "through time and space," the scarf - light Bento, feel very smooth, the fabric surface pattern looming, A closer look, only to see which clues. "This pattern, but more than two thousand years ago in the very popular among women, even from the current aesthetic point of view, but also beautiful." Li Xiaoxu dressed in a Luo Yi told reporters to his right. The history of the Western Han Dynasty history has compiled "anxious to articles", which is China's earliest existing literacy and common sense textbooks, which describes a variety of names, such as surnames, beautiful, dietary, etc., in silk and pattern introduction, The first leopard, rabbit, double crane and so on are the name of the pattern, which is the first pattern of Changsha Mawangdui unearthed in the Tomb of Ma Wangdui of the Han Dynasty, Brocade patterns.

Earlier this year, in an expert conversation with the Academy of Social Sciences, the other words reminded Li Xiaosu: "Leopard is the first grain is beautiful, and has a historical background of the pattern, why do not you restore it?" Two thousand years Before the pattern re-printed on the modern fabric, which may really become another popular trend. Li Xiaosu act decisively invited experts to provide literature and history of the first picture of the leopard, and invited professionals to discuss it for a special flower board. "After all, after a lapse of two thousand years of painting type, composition, contour ratio and modern common pattern is completely different, coupled with the pattern previously printed on tapestry, this is trying to print on the Luo, the texture is completely different. "Li Xiao Su explained to reporters, Luo manufacturing process is a special place in the twist, and are usually fixed twist, in this way out of the clothes do not generally slip, but also greatly increased the difficulty of weaving.

Through three months of continuous attempts to modify, after a lapse of two thousand years, the first leopard prints finally re-printed on the fabric. As the first attempt, Li Xiao Su produced a number of Leopard first pattern Luo towel, just launched by female customers will be welcome. "This pattern is not tacky, very personal." Li Xiao Su mentioned in the interview some European and American brands scarf pattern: "Instead of imitating their design, why not from our own ancestors get inspiration?

"The story of the fabric" favored by modern white-collar workers

Leopard first grain is the degree of popularity Li Xiaosu unexpected. A few days ago, a female white-collar workers in the urban areas in accordance with the Internet found the address to find the factory, the original, to see friends wearing a leopard scarf scarves so chic, she wanted to buy a fabric skirt. "I like to tailor the tailor, make their own clothes, cloth is very important, rare to find such a heavy sense of historical material.

"She is not the first pattern of leopard Luo, not because of the pattern itself, but because it is a story of the fabric." Li Xiao Su said she could understand the feelings of the customer. In the textile field for decades, from the initial ordinary weavers to today's managers, Li Xiaosu in continuous attention to the weaving craft itself, but also with great concentration on the history of Romania. In the interview, "the night market to sell the lotus root, spring boat contained Qiluo" this poem will from time to time jump out of her mouth, on her desk, stood read half of the "weave into the history of Shi Jian", detailing History and culture behind the various colors, only "red", there are red, red, Zhu, Dan, red and other different sub-categories, such professional book full of Li Xiao Su's office.

And constantly improve the weaving technology, mining Luo's historical connotation, she hopes to use this way to wait for Luo's "return", there will be more people fall in love with this "story fabric." According to reports, Luo in Suzhou, a very long history, in 1972, Suzhou Wuxian Wei Ting Shanxie Shan, unearthed has three carbonized weft flowers twisted rib fabric, dating back more than 6000 years, many in the eyes of the old Suzhou, Luo Yi is the best summer clothes. However, since the 90s of last century, the impact of industrial civilization on the traditional culture of the entire handicraft industry, although decades later, silk and other fabrics once again favored by the general public, but the process is particularly complicated because Luo, Complex, costly and other factors, gradually disappeared.

About from 2013 onwards, LiXiaoXu SuXinXi found, take the initiative to come to find more and more guests Luo. "At first they chose silk, but silk, after all, lack of ventilation, lack of comfort, Ma and too heavy, after several comparisons, they found the benefits of Romania." Li Xiao Su often recommend to the guests Shiquan Street, the two old tailors, her own daily, formal occasions are mostly wearing Luo Yi, "I hope to change the attitude of the fabric for everyone, Luo, also belong to the ordinary people. Two years of active search for quality fabrics, please tailor the tailored people more and more, LiXiaoSu said, this may become Luo in the domestic rebirth of an opportunity.

When Luo can carry forward in the homes of ordinary people?

Whether it is to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to restore the "Leopard Shou Wen", or actively promote the beauty of Luo Yi, Li Xiao Su only one purpose: to allow more people to accept Romania. Open weaving factory has been a full two decades, there is always one thing she unwilling: "Our company's fabrics so far are mainly exported to Japan, is to do kimono fabric.When can the main business for the domestic?" She Told reporters that the current Luo price than silk expensive, mainly due to low production lead to high cost, "If the market demand is large, Luo 's prices will decline.

In the grasp of production, to ensure the survival of enterprises at the same time, in recent years, Li Xiaosu a lot of time for some "not to make money on small things", she led the workers to develop a lot of small objects close to life. In the "Dream of Red Mansions," a book, Jia Mu for the Lin Dai-yu when the screens mentioned "soft smoke Luo": "That soft smoke Luo only four colors: the same rain Azure, the same as the fragrant color, the same green, Is the silver red. "Read the book often will be curious about this in the end is how a rarity, careful Li Xiao Su use of this allusion, produced a" Jia Mu color "series of bookmarks, each bookmark corresponds to the above one The colors of the Lo, exquisite design makes impressive.

In addition, notebooks, lanterns, wallets, fan and other daily necessities has been developed, Li Xiao Su expressed the hope that in this way will carry forward the skills of Romania: "Aya silk is not only dignitaries affordable, for the pursuit of quality of life Of the people of Suzhou, Romania can be in various forms.

Summer, drifting away, and fade out of our line of sight is not just summer. Nearly 80 years of Suzhou folk gourmet Mr. Han Lao, often told reporters about the summer of Suzhou to eat the season to share. He remembered, pay attention to the quality of life of Suzhou, not only pay attention to the summer to eat, but also pay attention to wear. What do you wear during the summer season?

Ling silk, since ancient times is the representative of the rich and luxurious, but also to Romania for the most. Luo Yi texture of light, fine silk thread, wearing comfortable, cool, is the summer dress on the choice. But now, in the market has been difficult to find the trace of Luo Yi, Suzhou, only a few of the Luo enterprises are mostly from Japan and South Korea.
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