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Removal of Stains from Wool Products

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Blood spots: blood spots stains are more common in life, there are more opportunities. Starch can be boiled with water paste, a good paste will be applied after the blood spots on the paste, let it dry. To be all dry, the starch scraping, the first wash with soap and then rinse with clean water, and finally with vinegar 15 grams of water made of vinegar a liter of cleaning, the effect is quite good.

Mildew stains, sweat stains: mold is difficult to remove, the most effective way is to have mildew clothes washed in oxygen bleaching water. Sodium hypochlorite bleaching agent is the only product that can kill fungi and remove mold odor, but this bleaching agent does not apply to silk, wool, nylon or elastic fiber fabric. If wool clothing can be dry cleaned, the residual stain usually contains water-soluble impurities, neutral synthetic detergents and ammonia or protein formulations usually reduce the stain. If stains remain, use auxiliaries or mildew.

Alcoholic beverages (except red wine): smear the smudge with a cloth, as much as possible to absorb the excess liquid, then sponge dipped in a small proportion of the same proportion of medicinal alcohol and warm water rubbed the corresponding parts.

Black coffee traces: You can use a dipped in the same proportion of alcohol and white vinegar mixture gently pat the dirt, and finally squeezed with a moisture absorbent cloth.

Eggs, milk trace: first with white spirit, and then diluted white vinegar wipe.

Ink, ballpoint pen oil traces: first wipe with a cloth dipped in alcohol, and then wipe with white vinegar or medicinal alcohol.

Lipstick, cosmetics, shoe polish trace: dipped turpentine or white spirit removal.

Urine track: as quickly as possible, use vinegar before treatment, gently dry the liquid with a dry sponge, and then remove the blood of the method used.
Wax trace: be careful with a spoon or blunt scrape off the residual wax, put absorbent paper, gently ironed with iron.
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